Medical Billing Service

Having a revenue cycle management partner can help healthcare providers operate more efficiently, and in turn provide greater medical services to those who need it the most.


Outsourced medical billing services for:Medical Billing

  • Doctors
  • Medical Groups
  • Hospitals
  • Independent Physician Practices (IPA)

Effective medical billing services are at the heart of a financially successful medical practice. MEDCOR has specialized in medical billing for over 25 years and provides every step of the billing and revenue cycle. Our staff continues to keep abreast of changing regulations and the latest technologies.

Outsourcing our revenue cycle management was the most sensible option. Medical billing and collections has become very challenging with so many regulatory changes and coding changes in progress. A billing specialist needs to have several different realms of knowledge including coding claims, denial management, and medical expertise.”


MEDCOR Revenue Services provides medical billing services

Managed Revenue Cycle Benefits:

  • Increased average % of claims paid after 1st submission
  • Increased average % of current claims (0-60 Days)
  • Reduced denial rate
  • Improved net revenue to the practice
  • Higher percentage of clean claims
  • Reduced outstanding accounts receivables
  • Faster claims payment
  • Less lost claims
  • Improved quality of care by having more time for patient care issues
  • Correct patient information available and less stress to your staff


Medical Billing Process:

Our service begins with assistance in ensuring consistently correct coding. Our professionals provide personal service to ensure we handle your billing effectively through the entire cycle:MEDCOR Revenue Cycle Management

  1. Pre-billing review & tips on coding
  2. Coding Analysis
  3. Claims filing and appeals
  4. Preparation and delivery of correspondence
  5. Billing or Revenue Cycle Management
  6. Managing inquiries – patients, insurers and regulatory authorities
  7. Financial management reports – account receivables and revenue

Read more about revenue cycle management in our blog post about the revenue cycle.

Additional services include medical practice audits, medical claim submissions, medical practice management and consulting. Audits include: accounts receivables, account controls, and revenue cycle management practices.

Note: We do not process bad debt or medical claims recovery as we are not a bad debt or collection company.


FREE Revenue Cycle Assessment

MEDCOR can help you analyze your current revenue cycle operations and focus on ways to improve revenue capture and collection.

Assessment includes:

  • Denial Review
  • Net Collection Rate
  • Aged Accounts Review
  • Gap Analysis

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