Audiology Billing

You have a busy practice and proper coding and billing of your insurance and MediCaid claims can be an overwhelming challenge in today’s market. MEDCOR is a highly regarded professional billing company with expertise developed over years of submitting tens of thousands of claims. We are the premier Dispensing and Audiology practice billing company in the United States.

We do not out-source any billing function as all work is completed on-site.

MEDCOR utilizes electronic claim submission for PPO and FFS insurance claims resulting in expedited claim payments. Ask for our case history report which shows dramatic revenue cycles lowered to 22 days from claim submission to payment. *not typical results and not all insurances

  • Historical Expertise with Medi-Cal and Medi-Caid claimsMEDCOR provides hearing aid billing
  • TAR request and approval tracking
  • Submission of associated supporting documents required for reimbursement
  • On-line claims tracking with weekly reports
  • Medi-Medi crossover claims
  • Monthly Charge Payment and Aging reports
  • Out of Network billing

We utilize automated claim scrubbing which reduces error rates and decreases denial and rejections to less than 1%

  • Pre-designed superbill templates for all our clients to facilitate claim submission
  • Team approach for every client
  • Toll free number for clients and your patients.

We are experts at claims billing. Contact us today to better process, manage, and expedite your insurance payments!