Medical Billing FAQs

1.  How do we get our information to you?

We receive information via web access, scanning (ie. electronic), faxing or priority mail.

2.  Do you transmit claims electronically?
Yes, to those companies that have the capability. About 90% of all claims we submit are transmitted electronically. There are still certain payers that only accept claims on paper.

3. Will you also be submitting secondary & tertiary claims?
Secondary and tertiary submissions are included in our service.

4. How quickly can we begin submitting claims?
Depending on your situation, and mandatory regulations, your practice may begin submitting commercial claims within five business days and governmental claims between two weeks to a month. To ensure that your cash flow is not interrupted during the transition, our team will create a transition plan based on your individual circumstances.

5. Should we continue to work our previous billings/collections once you take over?
We prefer that you continue to work–post payments and re-bill–your existing accounts receivable. If this is not possible, we can handle them as well.

6. Will I have a dedicated resource to our account?
Yes. MEDCOR utilizes a “team” billing approach. Your billing will be handled by a team that is cross-trained on your account.

7. How often are my claims processed?
All charges received are entered the next business day.

8. Where does my money go? 
All monies come directly to your office. We will receive any electronic ERAs. Any paper EOBs that are received at your office can be faxed, sent via courier, or e-mailed.

9. What specialties do you bill for?
We specialize in billing… including but not limited to, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Orthopedics, GI, Ob/Gyn, Anesthesia, HMO or managed care, Dermatology/Plastic Surgery, and more.

10. Can you code our superbills for us?
Coding should only be done by a certified coder or the provider themselves. However, with an advance notice, we may be able to make the necessary accommodations to our current staff in order to provide this service for you!

11. Do we have to collect co-payments?
YES, you should! Not doing so is considered to be fraud and/or abuse, and it is also a possible violation of the contract entered between the patient and their insurance carrier…and even the provider and their own contract with the insurance carrier!

12. What makes MEDCOR different from other billing firms?
Professional reliability
MEDCOR was originally founded in 1988, you can be confident that we have demonstrated stability. Having the resources and staff to service your account means that someone is here to assist you when you need. We work in teams dedicated to the daily billing and collections of the accounts their team is assigned to. Therefore, your account will not suffer if someone calls in sick, goes on vacation, or resigns.

Our rates are comparable to most. But what do you get for that rate? Are your secondary’s being sent out or is your biller under the assumption that Medicare crosses them all over? What is the rate of collections? Are you paying a lower percentage to collect a lower percentage? Since we are commission based, we are highly motivated to produce.

State-of-the-Art Billing Software
We operate using the best HME application in the industry that has a history of meeting all state and federal regulatory changes. We are 100% HIPAA ANSI X12 compliant as is required by all state and federal insurance carriers. Our billing software application streamlines the billing process, provides detailed reporting, collection notes, and uses ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) automatic system payment posting. We bill all federal, state, and private insurance companies.

Service/Commitment to our Customers
In this specialized industry with ever-changing regulations, our service is second to none. You will find comfort in dealing with each member of your dedicated team that know your issues and account with a very personal touch. And, we don’t out source our billing. All work is completed in-house. Our success depends upon your success. Each claim is billed and collected as if it was our own. If we don’t collect, we don’t get paid; we understand the importance of cash flow.


Have additional questions?

Please contact us if you have additional questions not listed above.